Our classes are scientifically designed to provide maximum improvement to your cardiovascular fitness, strength and all round athletic performance. They cater to all levels of experience and fitness and tie into our premium supervised training model to allow for a dynamic and engaging fitness journey.


When you are titanium, you are light, but strong, durable and resilient and to top it off you can handle the heat. Titanium classes will teach you five fundamental movements all using the olympic barbell: squat, lunge, bend, pull and push. You will learn how to prime your body for the exercise, correct technique, how to increase reps safely and how to add explosiveness and athleticism to the movement. Titanium classes will set the foundation for your Personalised Programming and Training. While this class is great for beginners, it is also beneficial for experienced individuals who want assistance with increasing weight in their barbell movements.


This is our signature class. With a combination of different training modalities it’s sure to leave you out of breath. In this class you will learn to maximise the efficiency of both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems in the body in order to perform like an all round athlete.

Oxygen classes will manipulate different work/rest ratios in order to help you burn fat, increase strength and improve cardiovascular fitness. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete, this class is guaranteed to challenge.


During exercise our bodies are continuously making energy for our muscles. When we enter anaerobic exercise phases (when little or no oxygen is present) a by-product of this process (hydrogen ions) continues to increase at a rate in which the body can’t clear it out fast enough. It is a build up of these hydrogen ions that causes the “burn” sensation in your muscles. Hydrogen classes are 100% bodyweight and will manipulate different work/rest ratios and various drills to maximise the “burn”. You will become better at moving your own body weight, which will reflect a positive increase in strength and cardiovascular fitness.